~ A letter to My Creator.. ~

 Dear Allah,

I must admit I love you. I love how You are the cause of my happiness, that no matter how much I am drowned in grief, Your grace overcomes me. I love how You can read my heart and know whats hidden in it from the world. I love how you can make me fall but catch me before I crash. I love You. I love how even if I am distant from You for a second, I come running back because I can't sta
y away. I love how I stand before You in prayer, and I am captivated by every word I utter in Your remembrance. I love performing my prayer and sometimes I don't want to get up from sujud. I love making doa, and my eyes fill with tears of love only for You. I love You. You complete every space and gap that I had open within me. Your words know just what to say when I'm in need of them. I love how every time I lost my way, You always illuminated my path, brought me back to Your mercy, to Your love. I love you for giving me patience, even though at times I loose it, and how regardless of any circumstance You have always been patient with me. I love the fact You have given me the ability to love and have loved me unconditionally, even when I know I don't deserve it. And that's what I love the Most.

Yours truly,
Raudhatul Jannah..



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