~ Guidance to Jannah ~

I have learned that life is to be lived the way it is given, to be appreciated the way it comes, and to be cherished by those whom you have around. Life is truly a blessing and most of the time it is unpredictable.

Sometimes, we meet certain people to steer us a certain way, to teach us some skills, to strengthen our faith, and at times, it is the very point where we meet our destiny, in which we come to the realization that this is my purpose in life.

How do I know my purpose. It is not very difficult, in fact, you just have to listen to the heart. When the heart and the soul are at peace, when your mind and body are one, when happiness and passion intersect, you will just know.

My first realization was contentment with the will of Allah, being appreciative of the task at hand, and the passion and motivation to succeed all by working with high ethical standards.

Then it was the journey for growth, be aligning my path with certain people, all whom taught me a certain skill in which I needed to tread my next path successfully.

Now it is my task to guide and help others by being the instrument of success for those whom are lost. Somehow, Allah is aligning everything in perfect order, and I am truly starting to see Allah's hand in everything. Your purpose starts with Allah, and will end with Allah. Your purpose will be clear, when your creator is your priority.. 



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