~ Please heal my heart a little more.. ~

Dear Allah

After a long time he didn't show up, i saw him again yesterday.
We had a little chat and eventhough i can't see him face to face,
 i can see him smiling and he looks so fine.
I know i had asked You to take care of him, to always make him safe and happy.
I know how i'm asking You to make him feel love
 and even asked You to bring him closer to the girl he love.
Someone who can take care of him, someone who will love him.
But why am i feeling this way Ya Allah?
I'm hurting, i don't understand
I'm crying inside. 
Didn't i hide my feelings well?
I should be happy for him.
But i feel bad and it shouldn't be this way.
I dont like this feelings
It feels like my heart is breaking again..
It tooks me a lot of hardwork to put the pieces together
and i thought i'm already ok.. :'(



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